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Square 1 Venture Group LLC. 

Crawl space cleaning and insulation

Attic cleaning and insulation

Our Services

Removal of all contaminated insulation, debris, rodents or other animal carcasses and vapor barrier.

Check for access points of entry and repair.

Check and repair Vents

Check HVAC ducting insulation 

Check waterline insulation

Check for dry rot

Clean  ledges

Spray disinfectant and deodorizer

Install 6mill vapor barrier to code

Install new insulation

All work and General Construction work are done in-house

Specialty contractors are subcontractors (plumbers etc.)


We are a full service General Contractor

 The owner has more than 30 years in the construction industry, if we find a problem we can take care of it in-house or through our network of subcontractors

Please contact us at  360-460-0926 or 800-286-7952 or use the link above